3 Ways To Protect Your Flooring From Water Damage

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There are many qualities to a hardwood floor that attracts homeowners—they look beautiful, they last a long time, and they’re very durable. However, water damage and other accidents can ruin the floors. As a homeowner, learning to protect your flooring from water damage is crucial to avoid costly repairs or replacements and keep the hardwood’s overall look and feel. Use the following three ways to protect your floors to keep them in top condition.

Clean Spills Immediately

It’s almost impossible not to spill liquid on your floors from time to time, especially when you’re cooking or baking in the kitchen, have a pet, or have little ones running rampant. When something spills onto your hardwood, clean up the mess immediately or as quickly as possible. Ignoring the spill and telling yourself you’ll wipe it up later will allow the liquid time to penetrate the wood and cause water damage.

Place Floor Mats Down

Are specific areas of your home more prone to moisture and spills? These areas could be the floor in front of your sink, front and back doors, or any other areas of your home that receive a lot of foot traffic. Place floor mats on your solid wood flooring to prevent any liquid or moisture from seeping into the floor. These mats can help soak up water and debris from shoes as people enter your home, and they provide a barrier in the places of your home that experience more spillage, such as the floors outside your shower!

Apply a Sealant To Your Floors

While applying a sealant won’t protect your flooring from water damage completely, it can help repel any water or moisture that finds its way onto the wood. We recommend using oil- or water-based sealants because they require less maintenance from the homeowner, and you only need to reapply it every couple of years. It’s always best to have a protective barrier over your hardwood to prevent as much water damage as you can.

Protecting your hardwood floors is important if you want the material to last long. Maintaining and cleaning your floors will ensure they keep their beauty and pristine shine. Installing hardwood is a valuable addition to your home, so do everything in your power to protect your investment!

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