4 Tips for Preventing Scratches on Hardwood

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The lavish finish and one-of-a-kind grain pattern demand attention anytime you step into the room. However, hardwood is vulnerable to scratches when you don’t properly care for it. To maintain dazzling floors, follow these tips to prevent scratches on the hardwood!

Keep Shoes Away From the Hardwood

Do you know what substances lie on the bottoms of your shoes? The answer is damp leaves, small rocks, tiny twigs, and so many more undesirable elements you don’t want to bring into the house.

Regardless of the style of the shoe, prevent scratches on the hardwood by avoiding wearing outside footwear indoors. It’ll keep unwanted debris and contaminants off your wood floors.

Add Area Rugs and Mats in High-Traffic Areas

Busy rooms showcasing the lovely hardwood are more likely to endure damage. In addition to the no-shoes rule, you can use area rugs and welcome mats to prevent further fatigue in the wood. Place the rugs or mats in areas like the living room, entryway, kitchen, and hallway to see how they improve the hardwood’s appearance.

Sweep and Clean Hardwood Floors Frequently

Forgetting to sweep up crumbs and allowing stains to rest on the surface puts the wood at risk of scratches. Walking with the debris for days means you’re more likely to see scratches in the future.

Sweep every couple of days to remove accumulated dirt, crumbs, and even pet hair. Once a week, get out a mop or vacuum to perform a deeper cleaning. Regular maintenance is the most efficient way to prolong the quality of your home’s wooden floors.

Never Drag Furniture Across the Surface

One of the quickest ways to ruin natural hardwood is to drag heavy furniture across the surface. Without a protective covering on the furniture’s base, it is highly likely to scratch the wood as it moves.

When the time comes to move furniture, ask a few friends for some help. Lift the furniture piece into the air or place slides beneath the legs for painless reorganization. Continuing this practice anytime you must move furniture will protect the hardwood from damage.

Solid wood flooring requires some maintenance, but it’s not impossible to care for. If you’re on the edge of deciding between natural hardwood or a type of engineered wood, choose hardwood flooring from Portland Floor! Our strong materials and gorgeous wood grains will delightfully fit in any room in your home.

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