Recoating vs. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Recoating vs. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Every homeowner can love and appreciate a hardwood floor, but what happens when it’s time to recoat or refinish the wood? There is a difference between the two practices and an ideal time to use each. Keep reading to learn when you should use each approach to restore your hardwood.

Difference Between Recoating and Refinishing

When your hardwood floors look dull but have no gaps or cracks in the wood, your best option is to recoat the floor. You should only do this if there are no damages to the wood. Recoating will give your hardwood its shine back and make the flooring look brand new again. Generally, a homeowner will recoat their hardwood every 3 to 10 years or whenever the floors start to appear dull.

On the other hand, refinishing is a much larger and more intricate application process. When your hardwood has dents or deep scratches, you may need to refinish the floor by buffing out these defects to restore the floor to new again. This process includes sanding down the top layer of the wood and applying a new finish. Homeowners will likely do this every 7 to 10 years or when there is extensive damage to the floor.

Instances That Call for Recoating or Refinishing

Below, we will discuss some instances when you might want to recoat or refinish your hardwood floor. Understanding the differences between these scenarios will help you decide whether to refinish or recoat.

Fading Due to Sunlight

UV rays can alter the look of your hardwood over time floor because constant exposure to sunlight can fade or darken the color of your wood. You might not notice this happening day after day, but over longer periods, the sunlight will eventually fade your floors. A simple recoat will bring life back into the wood when this is the case.

Change the Floor Color

Did you know you could change the color of your already installed hardwood floor? If you’re tired of the current look of your floors or they seem outdated, consider contacting a hardwood floor refinishing service to sand down your hardwood and apply a new stain color. You cannot recoat the floor in this instance because it will only add a sheen to the floor instead of altering the color.

Floorboards Need To Be Removed

Depending on the condition and age of your hardwood floor, you may need to plan for a complete refinish, especially if you need to remove and replace specific floorboards. If this is the case, you will need to replace damaged boards, refinish the entire floor, apply new stain, and recoat the top layer of the wood. Portland Floor can offer their assistance in this matter to provide a more professional look.

When there is no damage to your hardwood, a simple recoating will restore your floors, but if you notice scratches, a refinish will likely be needed. Call Portland Floor to refinish your floor. It’s always best to seek professional help to ensure your hardwood looks brand new.

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