What’s the Best Type of Flooring for the Kitchen?

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What’s the Best Type of Flooring for the Kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of any home, but the flooring will experience wear and tear over the years, so it’s important to find the best type for your home. This location may be the messiest in the house, meaning not every flooring material will make the perfect match. Make the right choice for your family by considering Portland Floor’s kitchen flooring recommendations.

Natural Hardwood

Natural hardwood floors will always be the traditional option for homes because of their elegant finish and value. While these floors can be water resistant with the correct finish, water is a frequent feature in the kitchen. If someone accidentally spills liquid, you must soak up the mess immediately, or it could damage the floor. You could, however, refinish or revamp the floors after a few years and restore them to new condition.

Many options are available in various types of wood, colors, and finishes. This surface can be slippery, but it will be easy to update when the timing is right. If this is your choice, ensure you’re choosing a floor with a water-resistant coating for better protection.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Tile is another common option for kitchens because they’re highly resistant to damage and water. Ceramic and porcelain are typically long-lasting floors, but the grout will need resealing to avoid stains. This type of flooring also gives you room to create different styles and designs with the various colors and patterns available to you.

Tile is water resistant but could damage dishes and other breakable objects because of how hard and durable the surface is. Visit our flooring stores in Portland, Oregon, and browse our tile selections to determine which is best for your kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring

One of the best types of flooring that is gaining attention and popularity in kitchens is vinyl because it mimics the look and feel of natural hardwood while also being more affordable. This material is completely waterproof and extremely easy to maintain and clean. Vinyl flooring is softer and more comfortable to walk on, but it could also dent from the appliances, so you must be careful when moving objects.

While this material won’t be as sturdy as hardwood or tile, it’s still one of the best options because it’s more affordable, easier to clean, and simple to install.

Ultimately, you must base your decision on your personal preference and what floor could benefit your family the most. Other considerations to keep in mind are your budget, how waterproof the floor is, and the upkeep required to keep them clean. Talk with our professional staff at Portland Floor—we’d be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your kitchen.

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