Countertop Services in Portland

Countertops services can be the entryway into turning your countertop from a drab workstation to the centerpiece of your entire kitchen. Despite the name, we here at Portland Floor also provide hard surface services. We love helping our customers, both longtime clients or brand new, with all their countertop service needs. Whether you need countertop installation or countertop resurfacing in Portland, we can help you. Not to mention, if you’re looking to get a brand-new countertop, our design specialists can help you every step of the way in designing the countertop that is perfect for your kitchen or other room. If you have any questions, we highly encourage a visit to our showroom to see the level of detail in which we present all of our products. We are happy to show you the different colors and styles available so that you can view the full spectrum of options, all while discussing with our design specialist what each option would lead to. If confidence is what you’re looking for, you won’t find it to this degree anywhere else in Portland or the surrounding areas.

All of our countertop services in Portland are priced as competitively as possible in comparison to any other providers you may come across. Not to mention that many if not all our services concerning installations, demolitions, or even countertop refinishing are done through in-house contractors. We believe that if we are going to guarantee you a quality product to use in your project, then we should be the ones to make your dream design come true—not just give you an idea and then parcel it out to somebody else to execute. Give us a call today and get your search for professional countertop services in Portland or other nearby areas over with.