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Hardwood Flooring Repair Services

Over time, any kind of flooring you may purchase or come to own through buying a new house is going to show its age. Let Portland Floor’s hardwood floor repair service save you money. We do everything in our power to save your floor before the damage becomes so advanced that you’ll have to bear the cost of a full replacement.

Some of the most common flaws that come to hardwood floors are simple scratches and dings that happen for any number or reasons. While these might not be the most terrible flaw to have, if they start to pile up in number, they will ruin the look of your hardwood floor. Especially if the scratches are somewhat deep, which will draw attention to color deviations in your flooring and make it look entirely different than it should.

Aside from cosmetic flaws, damaged wood manifests as functionality flaws: loose boards, annoying squeaks, and even dips in the floor itself. We call them functionality flaws because if they aren't taken care of rapidly, they can lead to a failure in your flooring that results in hefty repair and replacement costs.

For example, dips in the floor can eventually lead to the tongue and groove of the board as a whole cracking and breaking, leaving your floor separated in areas. And the more these types of flaws you leave unaddressed, the more risk you face of your entire flooring system degenerating completely. There really aren't any surefire ways to fix these issues yourself once they happen. We’ve seen customers try quick-fix options that just compound the problem.

Our hardwood floor repair service is a straightforward and stress-free experience that keeps your flooring looking beautiful and well-constructed no matter how old it may be. Don’t let some other company talk you into getting a brand-new floor for something we can fix. For hardwood floor repair in Portland, Oregon, call Portland Floor today. We’ll save your floor, and you’ll save money.

We Can Handle all types of Flooring Repairs and Restorations including:

  • Board replacement
  • Floor Leveling
  • Scratch/Ding repair
  • Squeaks
  • Pet Urine and Odor Neutralization Treatment and more!

Our team of skilled contractors will come to your location to examine the area(s) that need to be repaired or restored and will provide you with a detailed recommendation for the repairs. You can be confident that we will do the repairs correctly and they will match the original flooring as closely as possible.

Please call us to today to see how we can repair or restore your hardwood floors!


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