Tips for Choosing a Wall Color That Matches Your Flooring

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A component of interior decorating that sometimes gets overlooked is choosing a wall color that matches your flooring. This is important for the flow of your house and picking two colors that complement each other makes the home much more inviting. Stick around for the best tips to find a color that coordinates well with your flooring.

Neutral Always Works

Regardless of the type of flooring, a neutral color paint will work with almost any kind of wood or vinyl. Depending on the type of wood or floor color in the home, the undertone is the most important part of matching the two components together. Find the undertone in the flooring and choose a color based on what complements that tone the best.

Play With Light and Dark Colors

Beyond choosing a simple color, also consider the intensity of the color. The shade will play a role in matching a wall color with your flooring. Play around with your design by contrasting light colors with dark. If your floor’s tone is on the darker side, find a paint color that is cooler and less intense to give a more relaxing ambiance to the room.

Be Bold and Contrast Colors

Rather than keeping things simple, opt for a bolder color on the walls. If you go this route, choose a color opposite of the wood tone on a color wheel. This ensures the color you pick does not clash with the floors or make the room look overly busy.

Consider Other Room Features

Flooring and walls are not the only factors that make up a room. Consider what type of furniture and wall décor you plan to put in the room because this can influence your chosen colors. In general, green enhances yellow, blue enhances orange, black works with lighter shades, white works with darker shades, etc.

You can play it safe by choosing colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Otherwise, white or off-white, cream, or beige are all colors that work with any type of flooring.

Ultimately, it is your home, and regardless of the “rules,” you can paint and design your home however you see fit. Think about your style and whether you like warm or cool tones, bold or subtle colors, etc. Always think of the big picture to ensure that everything ties together nicely by the end of the project.

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