Vinyl Flooring Care and Maintenance Tips

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Vinyl flooring is a luxurious alternative to natural hardwood. While this flooring is durable and long-lasting, it still requires special care and maintenance. Buy LVP flooring from Portland Floor and maintain your new floors with the following tips.

How To Clean Vinyl

First off, dry mop your floors to pick up any dirt and debris. Cleaning on top of this can move the dirt around and scratch the floor. Afterward, use a vinyl floor cleaner to clean the floorboards thoroughly. Choose a non-abrasive mop, or you’ll risk damaging the protective layer on top of the floors.

How Often To Clean the Floor

Vinyl floors have a long lifespan, and to keep the health of the floors, you must clean them two or three times a month, along with vacuuming or dry moping daily. Note: if you do vacuum the floor, do not leave the bristles underneath the device down because they will scratch the floor. Aside from dry mopping, try to wet clean the floors once a week and treat stains as quickly as possible, or you will risk irreversible damage.

How To Protect the Floor

Area rugs and doormats are brilliant to lay in high-traffic areas to minimize scuffing and scratching. When furniture or appliances sit on the vinyl, use protective padding underneath to keep the furniture from denting the floors. Restore the shine of the floors with polish or sealant, but never wax because it will not adhere well to the coating on the vinyl.


There are some habits that you need to avoid when caring for the vinyl floors if you want to keep them in pristine condition. Never leave spills to air-dry on the floors, and wipe up any liquids as quickly as possible. Never use steel wool to remove stains, and avoid using an excessive amount of water to clean. Even if your floors are advertised as waterproof, do not steam the vinyl, or you risk losing the protective top layer.

Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to care for and maintain if you know what you are doing. Try not to use cleaning habits that will damage the floor. This durable flooring is excellent for any home or business and looks just as sophisticated and elegant as natural hardwood.

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